Happy Feet Two

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Added: November 23, 2011

Author: George Miller/Warnerbros - Happy Feet Two
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Description: Mumble (Elijah Wood) and Gloria's (Alecia Moore (P!nk)) son Erik (Ava Acres) is reluctant to try dancing as most of the penguins in Emperor-land do. Erik's first attempt at dancing embarrasses and outcasts him from the rest of the penguins. After Ramon's (Robin Williams) misguided advice that Emperor-Land isn't fit for outcast penguins like themselves, Erik and his two friends Boadicia (Meibh Campbell) and Atticus (Lil P-Nut) follow Ramon back to Adélie-Land. Upon returning, Ramon learns that Adélie-Land has been ruled by a God-like penguin named The Mighty Sven (Hank Azaria). Sven is the last of his kind who survived death by his ability to fly. Erik instantly becomes enamored with Sven, who takes a liking to him as well as there are "many brave warriors named Erik" back in Svenland. Sven and Lovelace (Robin Williams) tell the story of The Mighty Sven, who was rescued by a Russian vessel and rehabilitated alongside Lovelace. One night Sven discovers the "aliens" that saved them cooking and eating chicken meat. He flees the boat with Lovelace in tow. The two wind up on the shore of Antartica, where Sven performs his first miracle by revealing moss to the local penguins. Ramon accuses Sven of being a fraud and a false idol, until Sven uses his power of "Sven Think" to help Ramon find a mate. Ramon instantly falls in love with Carmen (Sofía Vergara), another Adélie penguin who shows no interest in him. Mumble follows the chicks' footprints to Adélie land and orders them to return to Emperor-Land. The chicks refuse, especially Erik, who has adopted Sven as a hero. Sven encourages Erik to believe in himself, because "Sven believes in you", before sending Erik back to Emperor-land with Mumble.

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