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Added: March 15, 2010

Author: Konami Digital Entertainment Co
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Description: Silent Hill Homecoming is the sixth installment in the Silent Hill survival horror video game series, developed by Foundation 9 Entertainment and Double Helix Games. The game was announced on July 11, 2007 by Konami at their E3 press conference, and was originally entitled Silent Hill V. This entry in the horror series follows the journey of protagonist Alex Shepherd, a soldier returning from war, to his hometown of Shepherd's Glen, where he finds the town in disarray, and his younger brother missing. As he continues on his search to find his younger brother, he discovers more about the Order — the cult of Silent Hill — as well as the town's history, and his own past. At the start of the game, the player controls Alex through a nightmare concerning his younger brother, Josh, before Alex wakes up in the cab of a truck driven by Travis Grady, the protagonist from Silent Hill: Origins, who gives him a ride to his hometown of Shepherd's Glen. The town, named for a distant ancestor who helped found it, is covered in fog and deserted, with several roads having fallen into disrepair or simply collapsed into nothingness. At home, he finds his mother in a near catatonic state, murmuring about his father leaving to find Josh; promising to find Josh, Alex leaves. He soon discovers that many more people have gone missing in Shepherd's Glen since he left when he finds childhood friend Elle Holloway pinning "missing" signs to a board outside the police department. Back in Shepherd's Glen, Alex allies himself with Deputy Wheeler in the police department. Alex eventually learns that his father was involved in the secrets of the town and had left to attempt to resolve the town's problems, but before he is able to get answers from his mother at home, he is knocked unconscious when The Order — the cult which worships Silent Hill's god, and has been taking people from the town — kidnaps his mother.

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