StarCraft II Wings of Liberty

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Added: September 05, 2010

Author: Blizzard Entertainment / StarCraft
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Description: Four years after the Brood War, the Dominion is once again the dominant Terran power in the Koprulu sector. For reasons unknown, Kerrigan gathered the swarm at Char and has vanished from sight. With the Zerg gone, the Protoss have once again taken a passive role in the galaxy. After the Brood War, Jim Raynor has formed a revolutionary group named Raynor's Raiders in order to overthrow Dominion Emperor Arcturus Mengsk. However, Mengsk launched a massive smear campaign against Raynor, painting him as a terrorist. On Mar Sara, Raynor leads his forces in a series of missions to free the local population from the Dominion and to seize an Artifact, as per his agreement with his old friend, Tychus Findlay, so that they could sell artifacts to the scientific organization, the Moebius Foundation, to fund their war against the Dominion. As they prepare to leave, the Raiders are forced to hold out against the Zerg before the Hyperion rescues them. They soon discover other planets have been attacked by the Zerg, which have been led by Kerrigan. During this point, the player can choose to take side missions that focus on the plots of individual characters. The Raiders receive a distress call from Dr. Ariel Hanson from the planet Agria. Raynor leads his team into missions that help Dr. Hanson relocate the refugees from Agria, which has fallen under attack by the Zerg. Upon arrival at the planet of Haven, they discover that the people have been infested as well. Dr. Hanson proposes that she can attempt to find the cure and, soon, Raynor comes at a crossroads between Dr. Hanson and the Protoss, who have arrived to attempt to purge the planet of the infestation. The Raiders do a series of missions under Gabriel Tosh that have Raynor collect Jorium and Terrazine on two different planets. Upon collection, the Raiders receive a transmission from Nova, who attempts to inform Raynor about the true origins of Tosh and his Spectres. The side-missions end either with Raynor siding with Nova or Tosh, and the choice will grant Raynor access to either Ghost or Spectre technology, respectively...

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